We give you time


100 years are celebrated by Chronometrie Spinnler + Schweizer AG at the market place in Basel. As a proven specialist shop for watches and jewellery, traditions are held in high regard. Nevertheless, innovations should not be neglected. After the successful implementation of the previously implemented digital strategy, the client asked us to design something special for the 100th anniversary.


The anniversary slogan “We have time for you since 100 years" is truly not a platitude - rather a lived philosophy that customers experience as soon as they enter the specialty store in the heart of Basel.

The translation of this philosophy into a tangible anniversary campaign is obvious. With various activities, including three competitions spread throughout the year, we put words into action. With tickets to concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, sports and selected major events, we give you a great time for two. Because the tickets are always sent in pairs to the participants of the competitions.

100 tickets follow on social media 100 congratulations from selected Basel personalities and valued partners from the watch industry who deal with the theme of time. Throughout the year, the exhibition will also provide a behind-the-scenes look at chronometry, specialist knowledge and craftsmanship, thus arousing enthusiasm for the multi-faceted world of horology and jewellery.

Authentic storytelling and micro-campaigns generate exactly the desired impact and stay within the client's budget.


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