Basel unterwegs, digital and live


The aim of the “Basel unterwegs” campaign by the Basel Office for Mobility is to raise awareness of environmentally friendly mobility among the population. On foot, by bike or by public transport. After all, the population of the canton of Basel-Stadt has clearly voted in favour of more sustainable transport in various referendums.


We use a mix of content marketing and situational micro-campaigns to communicate with different road users. Several times a month, we produce and publish varied, informative, and entertaining articles to raise awareness of sustainable means of transport. With meaningful images, short clips, information graphics and many crosslinks that refresh the reading experience in the blog and on social media.

With a range of small events spread over the four seasons, we keep the brand’s visibility high and engage in a regular exchange with the target groups. In addition to the brand itself, the pink socks and Wickelfisch swimming bags have now achieved cult status citywide.


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