Dare to acquire daring employees


Young talent is the future. Qualified and courageous personnel can help a company to grow. Basler Versicherungen is well aware of this. That is why, from time to time, the topic should also be explored with unconventional ideas.

At Basler Versicherungen, young people are to grow into outstanding professionals. For this reason, the insurance company would like to see more attention paid to its various apprenticeship programmes.


For many young people, writing an application is torture. Unfamiliar formalities and many unanswered questions discourage them. Therefore, we take a new approach and address them as peers.


Anyone who is interested in an apprenticeship at Baloise can ask questions via WhatsApp without hesitation and with a low threshold. Peers will provide answers within just a few minutes. This campaign was promoted in advance on YouTube, social media channels and commercials on public transport. It became a complete success. 

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