"Design and function, for people and space."


Tschudin AG serves both business and private customers. In both segments, the different offers and services of the joinery are to be communicated in a targeted, sophisticated and authentic way - because wood should also excite the customers.

We are the advertising agency and marketing department in person for this client and are available to the management with advice and our full service.


Like many SMEs, Tschudin AG has a limited marketing budget and is therefore keen to ensure that funds are used in a highly efficient manner. Nevertheless, there should be no need to sacrifice impact in the B2C and B2B sectors, high quality and well-thought-out design and innovation.


Communication that excites: Inspiring blog posts, even if sometimes it is about a carbonara recipe or art in construction, in which we can integrate the topic of wood, draw a lot of attention from users. Transferring interesting content and combining it with a simple design on brochures, websites, an Instagram feed or a mood board inspiration for architects results in an exciting and for the target groups diversified communication mix.

An efficient strategy: With a well-thought-out communication strategy, which starts with branding, all activities are thought through from start to finish and are therefore used in a concentrated way. By combining various activities and regular analysis of the activities, successes can be continuously monitored and adjustments can be made if necessary.


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