City Cleaning Service, Canton Basel-City

“A clean Basel”


The waste collection plan of the City Cleaning Service is hanging in every Basel household. A lot of important information summarised in a practical and attractive format and arranged in a clear overview. The annual update helps residents to keep track of the various offers and to make correct use of them, as well as to find a suitable answer or the right contact person quickly in case of questions.

The City Cleaning Service is also setting a good example and wanted to adapt to a smaller format in order to reduce the amount of paper. At the same time, the new "Dräggwägg App" shall be promoted on the collection plan.



With the reduction of the format we have also made adjustments in design, colour and paper selection, as well as improvements in terms of legibility. With a clearer structure of the call-to-action points, the collection plans appear much lighter and tidier.