Sinomedica Switzerland Group

Explaining and understanding acupuncture.


With seven centres, Sinomedica Group is one of the largest providers of acupuncture and TCM treatments in Switzerland. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been successfully used for 2000 years and their effectiveness has been proven by a large number of international studies. Nevertheless, this type of treatment is not yet very well known to the general public in Switzerland. We should sharpen the profile of the group and at the same time strengthen the trust in the treatment methods applied.



As for all new medical services on the market, the core task is to build and strengthen trust and to prove the success of the treatment.



The marketing strategy and rebranding are completely geared towards standardising locations throughout Switzerland and exploiting synergies. With the strengthening of the company's character and the exact target group segmentation, subdivided according to treatment areas, we also enable more efficient campaign management and better patient support. With national brand awareness and a constant digital campaign, we strengthen the brand nationwide and communicate the sometimes complex or often still unknown possibilities of acupuncture treatment. Supported by regular activities in the areas of media and public relations, we also reach a large audience and strengthen credibility.