Pioneering in personalized medicine


To develop a modern overall appearance, based on the project-leading organisations SAMS and SIB, as well as a comprehensive strategy for future communication activities of the network.


Personalised medicine is a megatrend in the healthcare sector. It is expected to shorten future processes in research and to enable physicians to tailor treatments even more specifically to the patients’ individual needs. Ultimately, this will make treatments more efficient and minimise side effects.

Due to the complexity of the subject and the diversity of the stakeholders, a simple, clear, appealing yet correct communication of the topics is crucial for success. However, actively involving the partners and considering their different needs is just as important.


By aligning with the existing organisations, the new corporate design blends with the appearance of the network and ensures the inclusion of the stakeholders. The website as a central element of communication provides a simple and quick overview of the different sub-areas and tasks as well as the relationships between the organisations and partners. For educational purposes and to explain the network and its complex missions, a wide range of content is developed, from texts to infographics. These are used in all means of communication, for example in presentations, brochures or conference documents.

Thanks to our many years of expertise in the healthcare sector and proven experience in public affairs, we were able to advise the group strategically.


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