Helvetia Investment Foundation

Digital real estate marketing


The time spent on viewing apartments consumes a large part of the working time of real estate agents and property managers. Reducing this time expenditure and at the same time increasing the success rate therefore has great potential, especially for new buildings. Helvetia Investment Foundation is one of the largest land and property owners in Switzerland. Together with Ergholz Immobilien AG, it is realising the new Aurisa building project in Liestal. This new customer journey and marketing strategy is to be applied here.

In the Liestal region, several comparable real estate projects are also being completed simultaneously. The "Aurisa" project, with its 44 condominiums and approximately the same number of rental apartments, is clearly to be a favourite due to its location and the range of properties on offer.



The appearance and the naming is inspired by the nearby "Orisbach". With its Indo-European and Celtic roots it means "clear, shiny, white" and is also described as "the fast flowing". The different offers can already be viewed on the very informative website. With an interactive apartment finder, a panoramic tour, a virtual tour and a large photo gallery, a viewing appointment becomes almost obsolete and the time spent on consultations is massively reduced. The rate of contracts concluded by interested parties who contact the project manager after visiting the website is above average.