FG Basel

Connected with values and open for new things to come.


Since 1889, Freies Gymnasium Basel stands for tailored education - from kindergarten to school-leaving certificate, including day structures, all under one roof. The school wants to communicate the joy of learning and support to the outside and inside. At the same time, it also strengthens the cohesion of the pupils and teacher body. We provide support on the basis of a broad mandate, whereby Freies Gymnasium Basel can benefit from the full service quickly and easily.



With a gentle rebranding the institution appears in a new and clear design. In combination with educational events on topics from the fields of education, culture and social affairs or school visits for interested parents and children, the school opens up even more to interested parties and can proactively communicate its progressive teaching and learning methods, thus also taking on an educational role.

With thematic micro-campaigns and the communicative approach of inclusion, we address pupils on an equal level. After all, it is ultimately about their future. This also results in different visuals which are also adapted to the different ages of the target groups. In addition to posters, these micro-campaigns are regularly animated or displayed in the form of spots on screens or rear ends of buses in the local public transport companies, as well as on social media channels and via the Google Ad Network.