Unprecedented full service in the fight against the pandemic


The Bern-based diagnostics company operates across the entire spectrum from research and production to direct sales and implementations for end customers. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, ender diagnostics swiftly started the development and deployment of respective PCR tests. With several test centres, for instance at Zurich Airport and several locations in the canton of Bern, and test offers for companies as well as for the entire population, ender diagnostics soon became an essential player in the fight against the pandemic. In this context, broad communication and a quick response were always key.



The rapidly changing legal regulations and strict requirements of international authorities demand extreme responsiveness and exceptional agility in all areas. The originally small start-up of 8 people has simultaneously grown into an established company with around 130 employees. This requires the introduction of structured and scalable processes at all levels.



From campaigns and content marketing to packaging design, from simple landing pages to complex websites with REST API and JSON interfaces, and from branding and sales documentation to press relations: ender diagnostics obtains all of the services we offer. In every communication and advertising-related task, they rely on our comprehensive full service, which we can even expand to include media, public and investor relations as well as public affairs thanks to our sister company Gray Communications.

Through agile internal and external project management backed by dedicated staff resources, combined with in-depth healthcare marketing experience, we are able to bridge the gap between sales and regulatory requirements – seven days a week.

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