Clever heating, clever advertising


Cleveron is an innovative Swiss start-up offering clever new possibilities and IoT solutions for efficient building management. Precise data from sensors provide insight into building use while self-learning thermostats reduce the energy consumption of non-residential buildings by up to 30%. In order to convert as many buildings as possible, the young team needs a lot of visibility and reach – not least because after a very short time, the start-up has become an important player in Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050 and is implementing an increasing number of exciting projects abroad, too.


With dynamic videos and concise infographics, we provide simple and easy-to-understand access to the complex content and context of the topic. Clever marketing measures, such as the hang tags with witty slogans for the autonomous thermostats, convey a sense of innovation right up to the point of sale. In addition, we ensure digital word-of-mouth propaganda among the target groups, with lookalike campaigns, for example. In this way, we also reflect Cleveron’s philosophy in advertising – it is simple, yet innovative and clever, which helps us to sustainably increase the sales figures in Switzerland, Germany and Italy.


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