Casavita Foundation

We create a loving home here


Casavita Foundation has been looking after and caring for elderly people for almost 30 years. Around 240 residents live in four nursing homes. The cornerstones are humanity, individuality and quality. Friendliness and warmth of heart determine the contact. In addition to everyday conversations, joint activities and walks, each house organises a wide range of care services. They are characterised by high-quality nursing and excellent, individual and needs-based care services. The varied diet rich in vitamins and nutrients rounds off the picture. Our means of communication should clearly underline the competence strength and versatility.



Those who enter a nursing home of Casavita Foundation can have high expectations. As a non-profit foundation, Casavita uses its funds carefully and with a long-term focus. For Casavita Foundation, high-quality care means, among other things, providing excellent nursing services. The client wants to actively communicate this philosophy to its existing residents and interested parties.



Opening hearts with testimonials - and be credible. A mix of information and marketing - always with the emphasis on respect and humanity. A fresh website with a strong focus on the user experience for seniors and various anniversary activities round off the pleasant Casavita anniversary.