alta uro

With a "laser sword" against prostate cancer


The “alta uro” private practice in Basel specialises in urology treatments and is the only provider of the "Nanoknife" therapy in Switzerland.

The "Nanoknife" technology is an auspicious and new treatment method for prostate cancer and promises a lower risk of impotence and fewer side effects. These advantages shall be made better known nationally through a range of different reports.


Due to the various regulations and laws governing communication activities in the field of medical treatment and, of course, the multitude of ethical aspects, a cautious and clearly transparent approach is important to achieve the desired result.


Thanks to our professional and highly competent support, the new "Nanoknife" technology was reported on several occasions within a month in various specialist magazines and national daily newspapers throughout Switzerland, as well as in the SRF Puls health programme. For the client - a comparatively small practice - a massive impact in terms of publicity could thus be achieved.